متخصيصون بتدريب و توريد فنيات التجميل

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UAE & The GCC.



The candidates include Nail Technicians, Hairstylists, Massage Therapists and More.


Our specialty in beauty staffing solutions allow us to provide

qualified candidates for The Beauty Salon Business in UAE and GCC.


At BeautiStaff, we source qualified Nail Technicians, Hairstylists,

Massage Therapists & More from countries like the Philippines,

South Africa, Tunisia, and East Europe.

At BeautiStaff Training & Trade test department, We set screening,

testing & training standards before staff deployments.

شاهد نماذج الفيديو لعاملات التجميل

متخصصون بتوريد خبيرات التجميل


Once part of BeautiStaff client, our consultants continue to Stay In touch to help resolve any concerns at every step before And After your hiring process. It’s core to our business to build

Long-Term Partnerships and help your business to increase Productivity and evolve.

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